Meeting Location Changes

Greetings all! In light of the current COVID-19 situation we have moved our business and training meetings to the outdoor tables on the south side of the Alamogordo Public Library. The dates and times remain the same only the location at the library has changed. If you plan on attending please observe social distancing and bring a mask along. Also, reconsider attending if you are, or have been feeling under the weather.

Recent Activity

We recently had a call out near La Luz, New Mexico. Teams from all over the state came to support the search effort for a 33 year old female subject. ALASAR set up an Incident Base to support the Incident Commander and managed the communications for the search effort. ALASAR members also supported ground search teams. The search was suspended in the evening of 11 June and set to resume the morning of 12 June. The subject was found in good condition by non-SAR individuals on the morning of 12 June and the search was terminated.